Teething has led me to.. — The Bump
November 2012 Moms

Teething has led me to..

.. have a beer at 3:30 in the afternoon. Dear heavens, where did my sweet boy go? I don't know who this child is! 
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Re: Teething has led me to..

  • mmmm beer...drool...

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  • No judgement here. Sounds great!
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  • You have inspired me. Running to get a glass of wine ;

  • image143BabyCakes:
    mmmm beer...drool...

    Ooooohhhhh no judgement here reaches for beer
  • mmm...wine.
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  • Glad I inspired some of you lol Cheers! 
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  • What I wouldn't do for a Bud Light right now!

     Teething....ugh.....now I know why my parents doused my gums with brandy! They just wanted to sleep.....Lol! 

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