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4D/3D Ultrasound, your experience?

I work at a restaurant and one of my tables recently did one of them for her pregnancy.  Needless to say she loved every second of it and after seeing some of her stuff I got really excited about it.  I know she said that she went to one in Limerick and the only one I am finding near is Mommys First Glance, so with that being said has anyone gone to any in that general area, possibly the one in Limerick and would like to recommend it.  I just do not want to walk into something blind even though no matter where you go its basically the same thing!  Let me know!  



Re: 4D/3D Ultrasound, your experience?

  • weird, we are close by and I have never heard of one around here.

    For all three of my kids I went to innerview in Malvern and it was amazing. I also just sent my sister there for a sex scan. It's a girl!

    If you want, send me a pm and I'll give you my name. If you tell them I reffered you, you'll get a dvd and some extra pics for free.
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  • Mommy's first glance is in Pottstown on ridge pike. We went last week. The facility is nice, but peanut wasn't cooperating. His/her hands were in front of the face, so we go back Saturday for take 2 :).
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