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weight friendly OBGYN reccomendations in kirkland wa or bellevue wa

Ladies who are 220. + lbs can you reccomend a obgyn to me that will not stress you ouut about your weight or make you feel umncomfotable. Also I would like some that doesn't push c section on you, I already had a vaginal delivery before and would like that again

Re: weight friendly OBGYN reccomendations in kirkland wa or bellevue wa

  • I'm going to Dr. Asaria at The Center for Women's Health.  I'm over 220.  My BMI is a bit over 30, and I was afraid that the doctor would give me a bad time about being overweight.  We haven't talked about C-Section, but she is very reassuring in telling me I'm doing great.  I'm on week 14 now.  At our first meeting she matter-of-factly told me I should expect some huge weight fluctuations during pregnancy, but overall I would probably expect to gain 25 lbs.  Later, when I read pregnancy books I found out that 15-25 was the common suggestion for overweight people.  She hasn't made me feel like I had high risk or special circumstances at all.  There have been other things she has done for me that I later figured out they were because of my weight, but at the time, I didn't even realize that I was getting special treatment.  So far, I would highly recommend her.
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  • i'm in renton/Tukwila.. and my doc talks about my weight, or has in the past, because I used to weigh almost 400. she said with twins I should only gain 20 lbs. i'm kinda stressed, but i'm ok with it. I know she just doesn't want me to make this as an excuse to blow up.

     I think the group my doc belongs to is wonderful. if you're interested in something this south, i'd be happy to send you a message!

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  • Dr. Stemmerman at Evergreen Hospital was wonderful and not pushy about anything. Although I was induced, I had labor "my way" without unnecessary interventions or pain relievers. An AWESOME experience.
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