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First Pregnancy Need Advice on a Doctor to Use at St. Joe East in Lexington, Kentucky

Hello everyone I am looking for a good doctor to use at St. Joe East in Lexington, Kentucky. I have mostly read praises about actually a midwife named Noel Juett. I hear they give a lot of attention and care to a mothertobe, but I'll be honest, I am not looking to have a natural birth. So a couple of questions has anyone used Juett and do they know if she accepts women who want to get an epidural? And second, does anyone have any recommendations of other doctors to use at St. Joe East? Thanks in advance! I am very "green" to pregnancy stuff, so please help!


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Re: First Pregnancy Need Advice on a Doctor to Use at St. Joe East in Lexington, Kentucky

  • I'm actually thinking about switching from Central Baptist to St. Joe East. I'll be interested to see the replies!
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  • She is at Associates for Women's Care & I LOVE her & Nancy there (the other midwife).  They are really nice and are very informative.  I think they both would be fine if you got an epi.  If you are a pregnant patient there you do have to see all the providers there-because it depends who is on call who sees you when you have your baby....clearly if you have an issue it would be a doctor to do the CS. I normally see Dr Butler (who delivered DS), but I did see Dr Green a lot last time & he's very laid back-which is nice.  I've seen Dr Campbell a few times as well. I do know they have a new doctor joining the practice who's billing is seperate right now-so she's not really in the rotation.  I know if she is on call you have an option to have the midwife deliver-since most patients haven't met her.

    From my experience from a rather LARGE practice at CB-I think the care you get at AWC is much better. They see all of their pregnant patients as soon as they know they are pregnant to confirm their pregnancies and to to a full panel screen.  They also like to get you on a RX prenatal vitamin (that is FREE at Meijer). With this pregnancy & DS they have always called me back within a few hours to answer any questions that I may have.  With my practice at CB it took them a day or 2 to get back to me & that was when I was having complications from an ectopic pregnancy....that one of their doctors did the surgery for.  They were so mean to me & didn't consider that I was hurting both physically & emotionally at that time.  I really needed support.  I was at CB for 3 days with my loss and no one once ever gave me information on perinatal loss or counseling services that were available. Not to mention I called that office 3 times the week before I was hospitalized & they refused to see me because I wasn't 8 weeks.

     I went into my 2nd pregnancy a nervous wreck needless to say.  AWC allowed me to come early, get betas every other day, & get lots of early ultrasounds-which really helped me.  I didn't feel like I was a bother-like at the practice at CB. This time (#3) I had betas & early ultrasounds as well because of my history.

    I can't tell you who to see or what practice, but some good questions to ask are:

    -At what time do they see most of their pregnant patients?  I know at my practice at CB they wouldn't see you until 8 weeks-but my 1st appointment was officially scheduled for 11 weeks.  Not good.

    -Do they have any type of perinatal loss support? Since one in four women will lose a pregnancy-do you really want to be in that situation at a practice that just doesn't care.

    -Will you be delivered by your doctor-or who's on call? I do think just about every practice in town does a make sure you are comfy with the entire staff of the practice you see. 

    Between the 2 hospitals-I like SJE better.  I think the staff is more patient and the facilities are cleaner.  I honestly thought I would have my kids at CB because that's where everyone in my family had their baby, but I've been really happy with my choice. I had a great experience with DS at SJE, this baby will be delivered there as well, & I would highly rec them to anyone having a baby.

    FWIW...I did "interview" some other CB practices after my loss, however I decided to look into SJE & UK as well to make sure I found the right fit for me after I had a loss. I'm happy I did.

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    BFP #1 10-11-10 ectopic discovered 10-22-10, 10-23-10 methotrexate & emergency surgery, lost right tube BFP #2 12-1-10 Found to be tissue dropped from salingectomy or missed heterotopic pregnancy from BFP #1 BFP #3 1-30-11 DS arrived on due date 10-10-11 BFP #4 Surprise 9-3-12 EDD 5-9-13 DS2 arrived 5-5-13 BFP #5 5-14-14 Emergency D&C 6-16-14 9 weeks
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    A Great information Bethany! I really appreciate the input! Very sorry to hear you had such a difficult time with your first pregnancy. It does sound like you have found a good fit though! I actually went and took the plunge and found a midwife named Melissa Courtney that works with St. Joe East, but has her own practice. I think she used to be with your group too. So far so good, but all I have done is bloodwork. All the employees at her office were super nice and tentative. They took plenty of time with me and answered all my paranoid first pregnancy questions. Ha ha! Made me feel better. I will keep you all posted on my progress. I do not know how far along I actually am yet, but according to dates, I would be anywhere from 6 to 7 weeks. Still a ways to go! Keep me in your thoughts and I will do the same for you! :


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  • I don't know if you are still looking but I use Melissa Courtney of Womankind Midwives. I've not delivered with her yet but she was a breathe of fresh air from some of the OBs in town. Her office is just across the street from SJE. She also works with Dr Berry Campbell for those of patients who become high risk. We also go to him.for our ultrasounds. I asked her to go through what a normal birth is like and it lined up with just what I am looking for (natural) but I never got the impression she would be opposed to other birthing methods. I mean, they can't force you to have a natural birth. Hope that helps.
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