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Anyone else :(

We have been apart before but this time dh is coming home after 14 months. When he left dd was 2.5 and still very much a baby (diapers, crib, etc). Now she is 3.5 running around talking in full sentences, potty trained, full size bed, and favorite phrase is I want to do it myself. 

 Now that dh's date is approaching I am starting to stress about reintegration. He will say how different she is, how he hopes she still loves him, etc.  but please give me ideas and support how to make this easier on all of us.  


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  • I don't really have advice - DH was gone for 7 months just after DS was born, and then for a couple of months more recently. I really stressed out about it, but it didn't turn out to be a big deal. The worst thing we've dealt with is that DS now gets s

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  • I'm in a similar situation, DH left just before LO turned three and now, ten plus months later, LO is nearly four.  I'm worried about reintegration, too.  One thing that they've talked about in the seminars I've attended was to talk about exp

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  • Thank you both. I really needed to hear all of that more than you can imagine. When DD was younger I always said unless DH was doing something that could be physically dangerous even if it wasn't "my" way I would let it go. Now with a sassy 3.5 year old t
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