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Has anyone seen any of the Doctors at Concord Women's Care? I am currently at Concord OB, but I am not happy with them. The doctors are nice enough, but the MA's and office staff are rude. They TELL me when my next appointment is going to be. The last time I had to move my appointment they were horrible to me. They made me feel like I was a terrible person for having to reschedule.

I am doing a little research into changing doctors, any suggestions in the Concord area?

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  • Sorry you're having to deal with that. Our OB is in Manchester, Dr. Duhaime at montanerello. The whole office has been amazing! They are warm and show genuine excitement for us. All professional yet personable. Best wishes
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  • I left concord Ob for similar but also other reasons. DH and I have decided to go to Concord Birthing Center, the MW's there are really amazing, very knowledgeable. I can't speak for woman's care though. My sister however had her son and daughter with

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  • I currently go there and everyone is nice. You have one dr the entire pregnancy to deal with which makes me happy. The drs take notes during each appointment, like recording issues I've had, baby's name,etc. the only thing is schedule for early appointme
  • I have Julie Buelte CNM through dartmouth hitchcock in concord.  I have seen about 6 different Md's/midwives there (just to meet everyone) and they have all been amazing! I drive all the way from bedford to see them and dont have a bad thing to say.
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