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deployment stress and a missed period

Has anyone here completely missed a period leading up to or after a spouse has deployed? The reason I ask is that my DH deployed in February and I am currently 24 days late with negative pregnancy tests. I took one when I was a week late and three this week. I want to know if anyone else has experienced this and can give me advice. TIA
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Re: deployment stress and a missed period

  • I do not have any experience with this, but I do know that stress, especially extreme stress, can absolutely mess with your cycle. 
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    This is a question for your doctor.
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    This is a question for your doctor.

    If you don't get your period when it's due next, I would mak

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    Our IVF miracle was born at 41w6d while Daddy was deployed to Iraq.
    Marni is a pre-e/HELLP Syndrome and PPD/PPA survivor!
  • Stress can delay ovulation. This happened to me. I missed my period right before my husband's deployment and I've had a later than usual period since he has been gone. I am 100% not pregnant. It happens.
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