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Fort Shafter, Hawaii

Talk to me about is still tentative, but the chance ofus going there is high..I have one friend who is pretty unhappy living off post there, but everyone else has loved living off post (we are def off post people, we probably would have a loooooong wait for onpost anyway, which would mean a school change for my daughter who will be in high school by the time we get there) 

We will be coming from Germany, but will be at a school in GA my DH needs to go to for 9 months between Germany and our move...

So, those of you who have been...likes? Dislikes? I am pretty excited, but it is not what we were expecting ;) Not that I don't expect the unexpected, but still....Hawaii after Germany....I don't know if I should feel lucky or jinxed to never live CONUS again :P  

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  • It took me awhile to get used to Hawaii, but I was really sad to leave.  I imagine coming from Germany would be even more of a culture shock than just coming from the mainland USA.

    Things I loved: beautiful scenery, great weather, lots of th

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  • I like it here! We moved last July - It's definitely a change (I'm a city girl) but honestly, its pretty amazing to be able to go the beach so easily, and people are truly really nice here. Hubby and I found off base housing very easily (craigslist). C

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  • yay for hawaii! We have a love hate relationship with hawaii. I think its better for a vacation spot but we will survive. Everything is really expensive and for us not be around family has been a struggle especially with this being our first child, but th
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  • I love, love, love Hawaii. I moved there on my own in my twenties, married DH, and then cried my eyes out when we had to PCS. We made it back for a 2nd tour, and then again, cried like a baby when we had to move again.

    We lived off post and in ba

  • I miss Hawaii so much! I liked it while living there, but I thought I was so ready to go. Now living in Maryland, I beg my husband to find a way back. We lived in Ewa Beach first, but the drive was so long to Hickam AFB. We then moved on Hickam and fin

  • My husband and I have been here since about August, and it took me a while to get used to here. Actually in still not haha, but it is a very beautiful place to be "forced" to live!
    Likes: the weather, the scenery, the beaches, we live on the Marine
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