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Separation anxiety vs sep anxiety disorder....

My healthy 3 1/2 year old all of a sudden is afraid of going to sleep by himself at night. I don't know if in on the right board but I am at my wits end. All my friends seem to think just bringing him to bed wi me will bnfine and to just do it. But I really don't want too! I have another child who is two and I can't have four us in bed or I will really get no sleep. I have tried sticker charts, positive name it. My hubby and I have both been sleeping on the floor in his room and recently got I'm to agree for us to wait outside his bedroom door until he falls asleep which is a big step however when he wakes up, around 1 am he screams bloody murder and won't let us go back to our beds...he told us he wants us to sleep outside the door all night. Last night inlet him come to our room and sleep on the floor at 3am because I couldn't sit there with him past two hours. Both my hubby and I work so we really need our sleep. Any advice?

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Re: Separation anxiety vs sep anxiety disorder....

  • This is pretty common for kids that age. Hopefully you've tried talking about what's upsetting him. Have you tried letting him pick out a new nightlight or stuffed animal to help him feel more secure...? You can also give him a flashlight or a small ca

  • DD is not quite 3.5 yet, but she went through a phase of not wanting to sleep in her bed, wanting to sleep with us, etc., too.  She told us she was scared because it was dark.  She has a walk in closet in her room, so we now leave her closet lig
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  • My son went through this around age 3. I hope that it's a phase for your son like it was for mine. We found his favorite stuffed animals and talked a lot about how they wanted DS to be there all night. He seems old enough to reason with a bit about how

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  • My daughter went through needing to sleep in our bed this winter (the 3 year old). I assumed it had to do with my pregnancy and her anticipating her new sibling, but maybe not. We ended up getting her one of those light-up pillow pets that projects stars
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  • Ugh we have a 4 year old and he is doing the same thing. I actually came on to this board to see if anyone has posted anything about it. I don't know why but he wakes up crying and pouting as if he is grumpy. We've tried leaving the TV on in his room inca


  • In December my daughter started sneaking out of bed at night.  We'd find her asleep in the hallway.  I've heard from other moms that this is normal.  Or she'll try to crawl in bed with us.  Now if she stays in her bed all nig
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