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Making a Stash

Hi, I am on the waiting list for surgery that is 8-9 weeks long.  I've been told that I shouldn't BF for 5 days after the surgery to ensure that all of the drugs have left my system.  I figure that I'll need a week's worth of milk stashed away to include the day of the surgery and anything else I can't think of.  Additionally, LO will be 8-9 weeks older and most likely eating more each meal. (He's 12 weeks now).

 Right now, I have about 2 days' worth of milk frozen away, but I really only produce as much as LO needs.  I am wondering how I can increase my supply so that I can get an extra feed's worth of milk pumped off and frozen every day.  I am thinking of pumping anything left over at the end of a feed, to make my boobs think that LO is a bit hungrier than expected, and therefore increase my supply bit by bit.

Does this sound like a good idea?  Is there a better way to do this?  Any advice is welcome, thanks! Big Smile

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Re: Making a Stash

  • image SebsMum:

    Hi, I am on the waiting list for surgery that is 8-9 weeks long.  I've been told that I shouldn't BF for 5 days


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  • You can take fenugreek, eat oatmeal, drinks lots of water. All of this can increase your supply. I would always feed one side and pump the other she she was really young. I built a good stash then.
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  • 5 days does seem like a long time.  I had a CAT scan and only had to dump for 24 hrs.  Look on the Americ. Assoc. of Peds website.  I also asked the technician that did my procedure and he also told me 24 hrs 
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  • I would ask the doctors to check in Dr. Thomas Hales book as he has done extensive research into medications and mothers milk.
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  • The other suggestions are good, and we also did lactation cookies.  I would recommend what you suggested already: pumping after you feed.

     My supply started off as adequate...never had a ton left over like some...and it has only decreas

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  • I had a surgery when my Lo was about the same age, and I only needed for 24 hrs. I increased it by pumping an hour after my lo had nursed making my body think oh, she's hungry again, gotta get it going. It worked, and I only did this about 2-3 times a day
  • I'll be getting my ACL reconstructed, so I'm going under, but I was told that I would be given morphine afterward, which is why I would have to continue to pump and dump for the 5 days (they said it takes that long for it to leave the system).


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