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Trading in Diapers

Does anyone know what stores do this and how much of a hassle it is? I was given a pack of Newborn diapers and my LO came home in size 1. Luckily, it's only one pack of NB diapers, but I'd hate to waste even one pack, given the price of the things...
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Re: Trading in Diapers

  • Walmart takes anything.
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    Walmart takes anything.

    Good to know 

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    Walmart takes anything.

    Ditto. I made DH take a box of newborns we received at our baby

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  • Target returned mine without a receipt. Apparently there is a $70 limit without a receipt though jus so you know...
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  • My son was the same way. He is now 2 and a half months old and i cannot return a bag of pampers to walmart or babies r us unless they were bought there. The walmart in my area scans them and if the bar code is not a walmart bar code they will not excha

  • Walmart allows 1 return without a receipt every 45 days for store credit.  Target will allow you to do $70 per calendar year without a receipt for store credit. 

    For Target, if you still have a registry, you can add it to your registry

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