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Afraid to poop...

Anybody have to deal with their little one who was too scared to have a bowel movement due to a series of bad experiences? If so, what did you do to get them over the fright? My son has had issues well over a year now and we've been to the GI doctor twice. He is currently on Miralax since June 2012 to soften his stool. So 10 months later and he is still having issues either with his stool being really hard and he has to strain to get it out or its soft and he is just afraid because he thinks it might hurt him. Also I am told the Miralax gives him belly aches which makes him whine and toss and turn in his sleep at night. They started him on Lactolose at first and when that didn't work they put him on Miralax. Any tips or advice to get him over his fear. Of course I always coach him and assure him that it will be alright and that I am going to be right here for him and then he will usually go but it takes some serious coaching though lol.

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    I had a 2 year old in my daycare class exactly like that once. He would stand up straight, lock his knees, and scream. It w
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    My dd has only had mild constipation and so I can't fully relate.  But I just wanted to comment and say, I'm s
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