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Still no teeth!

Dd just turned one and she's still all gums!!
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Re: Still no teeth!

  • A friend of mine had a daughter that didn't get any until she was 15 months.

    My dd2 is almost 8 months and has no sign of teeth!
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  • Don't worry! DD got her first at 12 1/2 months. I also thought it was odd, but the pedi said it was totally normal and I also heard lots of cases of children getting teeth later on! Since then she got one every month lol
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  • Lol. Yes I figured that she would pop one after another at this point. Any facts of it being worse/better for them the later it is I wonder?i can see the bubbles but nothing has poked through
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  • I know all kids are different. I knew someone who's son had his first tooth at 4 months. Our DD didn't get her first teeth until 9 months or so, and she had 4 pop at the same time, then the next ones came in together, and the next and so forth.


  • My DS is 14 months and the very tips of his 4 front teeth are just starting to poke through.  They are taking their sweet time.
  • DS didn't get his first two teeth till right before he turned 1 and nothing since!
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  • Nel11Nel11
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    I've read (and pedi said this also) that it's actually better to cut them later because it gives the teeth more time to build enamel.  So it looks like she will have nice, strong chompers!

  • Don't get worked up or worried - it's okay.

    DS cut his first tooth at 18 months. Yes, I said EIGHTEEN months. He cut three more just before he turn 19 months.

    If you can tell they are under the gums, if you don't have any nutritional concer

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  • image Nel11:
    I've read (and pedi said this also) that it's actually better to cut them later because it gives the teeth more time to
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  • ns1ns1
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    DD was maybe 14.5 months before she got any teeth, but she has 6ish in right now.  The pedi also said it's no big worry!  
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  • Don't worry. When it rains, it pours. They'll come in soon enough. In contrast, my DD had 13 teeth come in before her birthday last week. THIRTEEN. I think she could get through a porterhouse at this point.
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