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constipated baby...please help

Anything to help with constipation? Somehow we have gone almost two years without ever having this issue and now dd is hiding in the corner in her room trying to go and wont let anyone near her. please help!
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Re: constipated baby...please help

  • You could try giving her some prunes. Or what we do is mix some Miralax in DS's bottle or sippy.

  • Pear juice usually does the trick.
  • Trust me prune juice will definitely do the trick.

  • We had this problem last weekend and she would only go a tiny bit and it was so hard.  We stopped crackers and goldfish and that type of stuff.  Also no cheese.  We pushed fruits and water.  We did Miralax (half a cap in 8 oz of water)
  • prunes help...also they sell infant sapositories at Walgreens that are over the counter. We use one of those whenever it gets really bad and it helps right away. I would ask your pedi first though if you go that route.
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  • prunes. dd loves them! she doesn't like juice so that didn't work for us. 

    also, no rice, cheese, etc.  

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  • My guy has always had issues so we make sure he has one of the three p's daily(peaches,pears, or plums) this seems to keep him regular.
  • Bananas and apple sauce are big no-no's for constipation.  Pushing fluids, etc...

    What works best for us besides food is a warm bath then as I'm putting lotion on him I give him an abdominal massage (using three fingertips  run the trac

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  • Pear Juice, Prune Juice, Water, Miralax have all worked and lay off the bananas, rice, pasta, potatoes until everything is cool again, and feed them fruit too
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