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new to camp lejeune

we just moved to camp lejeune, nc.we have a 3 month old and NO FRIENDS. so im super lost, in evey way. is there a map of this massive base? can i get like a welcome packet of some sort?? i walked into that huge MCX and totally felt like everyone was staring at us like, who are you and why are you aimlessly walking around this store?! whats the first thing that we should do? where should we go? i need recommendations on the best nail salons, hair salons (not super pricey though like under $65 per cut), tattoo shops, antique shops, and any other gems in this city. as far as friends go, whats a good way to meet welcoming spouses. can some ladies come to my door with baked goods and we will be BFFs like on army wives?! Also, i EP every 3 hours and DD eats around every 3 hours, usually right after i pump, so that leaves around 2 or less free hours between pumpin/feeding sessions. so, my question is, how can i continue to pump AND manage to socialize and what not. if i had to pick one, id have to give up the socializing, but id rather not be a hermit for the next year. super moms, i dont know how you do it, but tell me your secrets!!

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  • There are a number of FB pages for Lejeune.  I would start there.  You should be able to become acquainted with a number of people.  I'm posting the link to one that should be able to help you answer the questions you have.

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  • Welcome to Camp Lejeune! We love it here. My husband isn't active anymore but we moved back because we like it so much.


    The first thing I always tell anyone new to this area is to get out of Jacksonville and explore. Most families Ive run into that say they hated being stationed here never got out of jacksonville. Jacksonville isn't super great, but the surrounding areas can be awesome.This area is full of awesome beaches. Youve got onslow beach on base, emerald isle on one side of jville, and top sail on the other. Take a drive through swansboro and even emerald Isle for antique and mom and pop type shops. Wilmington has some great shopping too (and a way better mall)

     Are you living on base? off? looking for a place still?


    as for meeting other moms/wives I mostly met people through my husband (his friends wives) but there are various groups on base for moms/kids. If you like to excercise, the Tarawa terrace gym does a run group for moms (you don't have to be hard core to do it!) you just bring your stroller and go for a run on the trails on base there is also a local mom group called stroller warriors I haven't participated in that one myself though

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  • Welcome! We love it here. I spent a few days just driving around finding my way around the base. Check out the MCCS website and take a look around there for family events, etc. Are you on base? We live on base and I've met a ton of neighbors and yes, they even showed up with baked good like on Army Wives. LOL. Your DH's unit should have a Family Readiness Officer that should contact you and welcome you. Ask your DH about it. It's part of the checking in process for the guys. You should either get a phone call or an e-mail. Also, there is a great running group (beginners are welcome!) Stroller Warriors that is great for socializing and meeting other moms- and getting in shape. Check them out on Facebook. Good luck! And don't worry, nobody is staring at you at the exchange. We've all been new and we've all been overwhelmed. =)
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    Yeah I agree and say you should go outside of Jacksonville and visit the surrounding areas. Jacksonville is not that great but the towns around it are nice. Wilmington is nice for shopping and restaurants. Morehead City and Swansbro are also nice. New Bern also has a nice small town downtown area.

    Yup.  I live in New Bern and work in Morehead City, and both are great areas.  I would definitely encourage you to explore them.  As far as pumping goes, do you have an adapter for your car?  I never did this myself, but know other moms who would pump in their cars (while driving or while parked) and were very successful.  Maybe ask more about that on the breastfeeding board. That might help you be able to expand your time out.  Likewise, you might be able to skip a pumping session here or there without affecting your supply, if you have some extra milk on hand.  That way, if you do want to get out more or at certain times, you won't need to feel like you only have 2 hours.

  • Welcome! I was lost too for a while, definitely hard to get used to the small town feel since I'm from dc. I can tell you this the basement in s marine blvd has some awesome thrift store treasures. I met most of my friends at church but I definitely know how you're feeling! Hang in there it gets better!
  • I can kind of help! I'm not very experienced with the socializing, because I just relied on my job to meet people instead of actually joining groups or anything. This is what I've gathered in the last couple of years: If you're younger, Emerald Isle is the best beach (like more of a party), if you're older or have children, then go to Topsail. Definitely shopping in Wilmington, but there's so much that it can be overwhelming! I don't get my nails done, but everyone I know swears by Aloha Nails on Western. For tattoos, we always go to Bombs Away (also on Western), because I've always heard of them doing a great job, but they are a little pricier. I have no advice on hair, so my apologies! If anyone wants to add to this or to disagree with me on any of it, feel free!
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