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still running like a baby?

Alexander, when running, looks the same as he did when running as an 18 month old. Very stiff legged, cute little baby run.  When we go to my gym, other kids his age seem to be running like big kids...bent knees, heel to toe kind of running (am I explaining this well?)

I can't decide if this is cause for concern or not....what are you seeing, running-wise?

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Re: still running like a baby?

  • G is still doing kind of a baby run as you describe it. But she's typically a little behind in the physical aspect.


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  • N has the big kid run down, but he's ahead in motor skills.  He'd much rather run and climb than talk. :) 

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  • I would say that his gross motor skills have always been just average, right on time. Crawling at 8 months, walking at 15 (which I guess is actually late, but he was cruising for sooo long before that) and he climbs absolutely everything. So to me, if he
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  • It might just be an actual muscle development thing.  I walked on my tiptoes until second grade due to underdeveloped foot muscles/tendons!  I doubt he'll have a "baby run" forever!

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  • I've never actually noticed what his legs do when he runs. We have noticed, however, that he tends to only swing one arm. MH pointed it out & is paranoid about it. I'm more, "eh, he's fine" about it.

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    I just noticed last night that was running less like a baby.  But it's still not a kid run yet.  I don't think he's going to be a track star.
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  • I'm pretty sure A runs on tiptoes. He walks on tiptoes quite a bit, we took him to a physical therapist for a consult and she said he had developed fine and have us some pointers on how to play in order to promote walking with a flatter foot. We have seen
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  • Lily doesn't quite run yet either. She just sort of walks faster with a little bounce to it and hold one arm in tight toward her chest while swinging the other. She switches arms, so not concerned with that. She didn't walk until 17 months and is just sta

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  • E has just recently started really running and he's always been quick with his gross motor skills. I wouldn't worry about it too much though.
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  • DS doesn't have a baby run but his run is really jacked up. His feet swing out as he runs. I think at this age they are all doing weird things physically. Also you can count my kid as one of those who was more physical and less verbal for a very long time

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