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Recommend your LO's life jacket.

My parents bought DS one today for Easter. They live on a lake and he will be spending a lot of time in it. I'm not crazy about this one purchased from a box store. It's too tight around his chest. I'm not talking about safely snug, I'm talking he can't take a full deep breath tight. Also, it's too long so that it goes quite a ways past his waist and he can't bend and it's pushing against his chin. The next size up would be better for around but way worse for length.

What brand or style do you like?

Re: Recommend your LO's life jacket.

  • I hope someone else has some good recommendations. We need one, too! A friend of mine uses a puddle jumper and loves it, but I don't think they're recommended for babies smaller than 30 pounds.


  • We were given one from Overtons and it is really nice, supports behind the head so they float with the face up.   it goes up to 30 lbs.
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  • My Brother manages a Marine Supply store...he has highly recommended the Mustang brand infant life jackets. We have not purchased one yet, but know that it is a good one that has a collar designed to float babies face up and is designed for babies less th
  • Thank you ladies! I also found Body Glove Infants Phantom Neoprene USCG PFD on but I'm going to check out your recommendations as well before I make a purchase.
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