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C-section and Thrush?

Hi all,

I have two brand new babies (just three days old).  I had them via c-section with a dose of antibotics.  I had a hard time with breastfeeding with my first child (now 2) and it turned out to be thrush.  I was wondering if any of you who have breastfed your twins have had thrush.  


Just curious about your experiences.

 Thanks in advance! 

Re: C-section and Thrush?

  • I had a C-section and the babies also developed thrush. We all pushed through it though and continued BFing. They were on nystatin until it resolved. I EBF during their infancy and BF until they were 17 months old. You can do it!
  • Is there a correlation between cs and thrush? I had a cs and we had thrush. It really hurt for a while before I finally figured it out. It cleared right up with Nystatin!


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  • C/S here but no thrush


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