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grinding teeth

My almost 15 month old has for the past two days been grinding his teeth.  It sounds like he is chewing rocks.  He still takes a binky to sleep, so I can just give it to him to stop the grinding, but we usually don't let him wander around with it in during the day. 

We have his 15 month appointment next week, so I'll ask the doctor about it then. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Re: grinding teeth

  • totally normal! he's probably got some teeth coming in. mine both did it and it only lasted a few days at a time. but the sound drove me crazy!
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  • I agree, totally normal.  This last on and off for about 3 week for us.
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  • Thanks!  Good to know that it is a passing phase.
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  • DD does this and it DRIVES ME CRAZY!  It is the worst sound ever.  I squeeze her cheeks and say "no no" because I can't stand it and I know it can't be good for her teeth, haha.  I am curious at what your dr has to say!
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  • One of my twins does this every single time she is getting a tooth, her sister on the other hand just screams all the time.  It is normal for them to grind their teeth and from what I have been told it does not do any harm.  
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  • Ugh, DS does that too.  It is such an awful sound, I just give him the pacifier or a snack to make him stop.  He does it maybe once every two weeks for a day, and then is done.  Don't know if it's teething or just that he remembers how fun
  • Yep, my DD did this too at 15 months.  It went on for days and then all of the sudden it just stopped.  I had kind of forgotten about it until I read your post.  I know it started right when she got her 2 top teeth and I suppose once she

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