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Baby 1

My husband and I found out on Saturday that we r expecting our first baby!! So excited!


Re: Baby 1

  • Congrats and welcome!

    (i'm due with #1 too). 

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  • Congratulations!  I'm looking forward to getting to know my fellow first timers! 

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  • Yay! Congrats! This will be my 1st as well!

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  • Congrats! This is our first too.
  • We are also on #1. CONGRATS!! 

  • How exciting for so many first timers!!! I'm very excited to make it to December with everyone!


  • Congrats ...we're first timers too!
  • Where is everyone from??


  • 5 weeks today. Very nervous and excited all in one x
  • First time for me too! I'm glad we're all here together. :)
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  • Congrats and Welcome 
  • I am due 1st December! When is your due dates? Xx
  • I'm from Canada. I am due dec 1 as well.


  • I am a 1st timer too!
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  • I'm a first timer too!  I'm from the US (Philadelphia) and due December 4th.  Anxiously waiting my first OB appt and hoping everything is progressing normally. 
  • I'm from the US (Arkansas) and I my due date is Dec 8.  
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  • Congrats! We're due Dec 3rd with our first as well! So excited!! It's great to connect with so many other first timers.
  • I am a first timer due 12-9-13
  • Has everyone been to their doctor yet? I found out on Saturday and everything has been closed for Easter so I have to wait until tomorrow to book an appointment.


  • I found out 3/28 but I didn't make an appt till today. 

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  • Welcome, and congratulations!
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