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How long do you hold your newborn throughout the day?

How long do you hold your baby during the day

Re: How long do you hold your newborn throughout the day?

  • All dang day long.  He screams a lot.  Slings and Moby wraps are awesome!

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  • My DD was never set down it seems like lol. With DS now, he is either laying on me or in his moby the majority of the day. He will spend 10-15 mins on his own in his bouncy seat while awake, 2-3 hours if asleep,  and a few minutes a few times a day o
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  • Honestly, not often.  He sleeps a lot during the day and sleeps just fine without being held.  When he's awake, he prefers to be laying down to stretch out.  So, during feedings and rocking him to sleep is usually when I'm holding him. &nbs
  • LO will not sleep anywhere but in our arms, so he is held pretty much 24-7 (less the time spent repeatedly trying to get him to sleep in the bassinet whenever he falls asleep).
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  • I hold him when he needs me to. Feedings, cuddles, etc. it varies. He is a pretty good sleeper and sleeps in his napper for 3 hour stretches. If he is gassy and has bellyaches he likes to be held.

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  • Pretty much when he's not sleeping. Although there are 10-20min spurts where if he's not crying I put him down and he just hangs out nicely and looks around. Whenever I'm holding him, if he's content I try to put him down, if he starts to fuss I wait a fe
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  • DD1: At least 14-16 hours a day for the first few months (thankfully she would sleep in her crib at night) because whenever we put her down during the day, she screamed. She napped in my arms until she was 7 months old despite numerous attempts to tran

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  • DD was 24/7, this LO will sleep and lay awake without being held, so at a minimum he's held for feedings and about an hours worth of cuddle time in the evening. Other days (like yesterday when my IL's were over) he never gets put down.
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  • Not much. DS likes playing on a blanket on the floor and would much rather that than be held.

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    Honestly, not often. nbsp;He sleeps a lot during the day and sleeps just fine without being held. nbsp;When he's awake,
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  • I would say 6-8 hours, and that includes bottle feedings.  DS naps in his swing and we can put him in there awake and he will fall asleep. So far we have been lucky and he falls asleep fairly quickly at night as well.  During the day after he ea
  • Hard to say. She sleeps in her RnP at night for usually 8-10 hours, sleeps in her swing for a nap for 2-3 hours, on her tummy on the boppy for 2 naps each at around an hour, and has some play time otherwise I am holding her or DH is. I wear her quite a bi
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  • imageiumegan716:
    Honestly, not often.  He sleeps a lot during the day and sleeps just fine without being held.  When he's
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  • All the time. Amelia hates being laid down. Occasionally I can get a few moments peace while she sits in her bouncer. But even that it rare.
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  • With the boys its hard as there are two of them and one of me for most of the day so it's not very consistent. 

    If they are content on the floor on their mat, or in the bouncer/swing to look around and coo then I leave them to do that.&

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