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My little girl has been walking by herself on and off for about a week now!! And she is only just 10 months this past Friday! Is it odd that she's doing this this early? my mom says we will just have to challenge her even more than she did any of her kids, because I was the only one that walked at 11 almost 12. so any ideas on how to challenge a 10 month Old??

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  • Ds walked at 10 months too. It isn't freakishly early. I don't know what she means by challenging your Lo more. I mean, you can buy more intellectually stimulating toys, but honestly, just because your Lo is walking doesn't mean they are cognitively advan
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  • Are you serious? OMG how will you "challenge" her? She's the same as every other kid, 10 months is early but nothing to call MENSA about.
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  • I'm guessing that because I started walking earlier, my mom had to find ways to challenge me where with my sister, she didn't. I'm also the younger sister, so i guess it might have also been how to challenge a 10/11 month old and a 22/23 month old. (we

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