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Anyone cramping?

Hi new mommies! We just found out about our new, and first, baby last Sunday. I've been experiencing mild cramping, but no bleeding. My first appt isn't until 4/22 and I just want to know if this is "normal". Thanks for listening ladies!

Re: Anyone cramping?

  • Congrats! I'm a newbie too! 

    I am feeling mild cramping too and from what I read it's normal as long as it isn't severe or accompanied by bleeding.

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    totally normal : congrats!
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  • I've been cramping since I found out last weekend too. I cramped when I was pregnant with ds, so I know it's nortmal, but it doesn't stop me from being nervous.

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  • I found out last Sunday too and my first appt is the 22nd! What's your edd? This is preg 3 baby 2 and cramping is completely normal. Try drinking more water as this puts more water in your muscles allowing them to stretch more easier causing less discomfo
  • i've been cramping for almost a week. since i normally have a long luteal period (17 days), i actually haven't technically "missed" my period yet. so i'm definitely still peeing on things to see if i'm still pregnant.


    yup. still knoc

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  • Yes I have cramps and pretty bad back pain. I have a tilted ute so I am sure that's why my back is hurting. I get back pain with my periods too.

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  • Sounds normal :) welcome and congrats !!!
  • I've had some cramping too...although it's mild and definitely not as bad as my period cramps (those are normally pretty bad!). It's almost like a "heaviness" rather than full on cramps. I think it's just your uterus expanding?
  • Welcome and congratulations!!  When is your EDD?

    Cramping is totally normal.  Just as these ladies have said, so long as the cramping is not sever or accompanied with bleeding, you should be okay.  Always feel free to call your doc

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  • I have it, too!

    Welcome and congrats! 

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  • Me too. It is worse when I lie down. Also had twinges in what feels like ovary area but could be anything. None of the pains are horrendous and from what I have read are normal. Hubby is constantly worrying each time I experience a twinge! Xx
  • Thanks so much for your advice and congratulations as well. My EDD per this app is 12/03...I'll start drinking more water and see if that helps, your words are making me feel better already thanks!
  • So glad I'm not the only newbie out there with cramping and being worried. My appointment is 4/25, too.
    Congrats! This is such an exciting time!
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