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Burping at night

Hi ladies. This may be a silly FTM question. My lil girl is 2 weeks old and is an awesome sleeper. No matter what I do she falls fast asleep when BFing, especially at night. I end up just sliding her back into her RNP and she is out for the next 3 or 4 hours.

She rarely burps or spits up when she eats at any time of the day, but I was wondering if I should be worried about that at night? I don't want her to choke, but don't want to risk waking her if it isn't really necessary.

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  • I don't think BFing babies need to burp as often as bottle fed. Our LO is bottle-fed and she is pretty sleepy during the middle of the night (like 2 or 3 am) bottle, especially if I get her before she's in freakout mode....and if for some reason she's

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  • I always burped Ds, because he would sleep better with a settled tummy.
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  • I always burp, no matter what. I rub her back though and it usually helps put her to sleep. I'm not one of those who pounds on the back to burp.
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  • If she's happy, sleeping, and not spitting everywhere, leave well enough alone!  It's fine.  I only burp mine because he's a reflux/gassy baby and would scream all night.

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  • If it's not broke don't fix it! Honestly, if she's sleeping well she doesn't need to be burped. Breastfed babies are generally less gassy since there's less of a chance that air can get in than with a bottle, so she likely doesn't need it.
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  • I EBF and never burp LO
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  • I don't burp at night either. If DS has a rare burp stuck hell fuss when I lay him down. I'll pick him up then and burp him. But that has only happened about 5 times in 6 weeks. 

    He's very relaxed for night feedings and simply doesn't need t

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  • When I feed at night I leave him in his rock n play and just feed him in it so I don't fully wake him up by taking him out bc then it takes WAYYY longer for him to go back to sleep. So if I can just feed him that way and he's not fussy I don't burp him. I
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  • We always burp!
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