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No Naps, what to do?

DD dropped her naps a few months ago.  I give her quiet time each day, which lasts about 30 minutes before she come out of her room and plays quietly by me.  I am OK with this BUT I think she needs to nap.  She yawns a lot, says she is tired but she WONT sleep.  Should I move her bedtime?  I try to put her down at 7 vs usual bedtime of 8 but she just plays in her bed.  

She has begun falling asleep in the car which she NEVER did.  She sleeps from 8-6.  I just don't think it is enough.  Any ideas? 

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Re: No Naps, what to do?

  • My kids did give up naps at that age or earlier.  It was a bit of an adjustment, but they got through it.

    FWIW, my kids have the same bedtime and wake-up time as your DD, and mine are 8 and 12, so she's probably getting her minimum sleep req

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  • Here it is a law that all daycare and preschool centers provide the children with a 12pm-2pm nap or quiet time. DD however will not nap. Often times she is tired as well. However she does sleep a little longer than your DD at night, she sleeps f

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  • DD stopped naps the summer she turned 3.  There was an adjustment where she too would fall asleep in the car or on the couch while watching a show.  That eventually stopped.  She is 4 1/2 now and sleeps 8-7, so 11 hours total.  We have
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  • I always thought that kids gave up naps about age 3 (at least most the ones that i know).  I would still do quiet time though, we are still doing it.

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  • imagewife07mom09:
    nope-mine still sleeps 2-3 hours for nap and sleeps 10.5 hrs at night

    Lucky you!

  • Both of my girls gave up naps at around 4 or so.  They always still had quiet time (just started skipping that at times in the last month of so and younger DD just turned 5 last month).  They PreK program that older DD did and younger DD is in n
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