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Pregnancy after cold knife cone

Last summer my husband and I had just decided we were ready to try for baby number two when I found out I had carcinoma in situ and needed surgery.  I had cold knife cone done last August, went for my 6 mos. checkup earlier this month, and all looked well (pap - neg.).  Amazingly ONE try later we are pregnant.  I was completely shocked, but of course ecstatic.  I had stopped having periods and had to be on Prometrium after my sugery so it is pretty amazing.  My doctor had mentioned a probable need for cervical cerclage if I were to get pregnant again since he had done such a large biopsy, but of course I've yet to get to that stage.  All was normal and easy with my first pregnancy and it seems like so many unexpected things have happened since then.  Has anyone else had this procedure and had a smooth problem free pregnancy afterwards?  I can't help, but be a little anxious although I know it's likely that everything will be okay.

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Re: Pregnancy after cold knife cone

  • I have no advice/experience with your procedure, but I wanted to say congrats and welcome.  What is your EDD?


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  • Like PP's, I don't have any helpful advice, I just wanted to say congratulations of both fronts and welcome!
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  • Thanks everyone! EDD December 3rd
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  • awesome...congrats!

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  • I wish I had some advice but I am in a close situation to yours. I talked to my Dr about it and he said I'd have to have a cerclage too pending if my cervix is long enough. He said he'd check around week 12 and go from there. I had a cold knife cone also,
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    I wish I had some advice but I am in a close situation to yours. I talked to my Dr about it and he said I'd have to
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    I am in the same situation. I had a baby boy in July 2012 and a cold knife cone in November 2012. I am now 7 weeks pregnant and very nervous after reading too much on the internet. My doctor said they will check my cervix length and go from there. We are due in March 2014.



  • Is that similar to a LEEP procedure? I'd say that if they're monitoring you closely, odds are very good.  Cerclages typically hold very well. Some mothers still need an induction even after the cerclage is removed to get labor going.
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