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? From second tri: Which carseat do you have?

Hi Ladies,

Just popping in from second tri to see which carseat you have and what you think of it.

This is our third baby and we used the Graco Snugride with my first two boys but it expired last year and we are getting a new one. I liked the Snugride but found it very heavy after a month or so.

We are leaning towards the Chicco Keyfit as I've known a lot of women who are vey happy with theirs. We are still open to others though!!

We live in Canada, so it needs to be very easy to snap in and out of the car/stroller as the winters get very cold here and it's not ideal to have to take baby out of the seat. I'd also like it to be as light as possible and I need it to fit on the Bumbleride Indie stroller which I don't think is a problem as it has a universal adapter.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions!

Re: ? From second tri: Which carseat do you have?

  • I had a Snugride with DD and with this baby we went with the Maxi Cosi Mico. It's more compact and nicer than the other seats. I don't dig the fabric on most car seats. It's all plasticy and gross. This one has real fabric and is very stylish and plush, p
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  • I love our Chicco Keyfit... I would definitely purchase another!
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  • We have the keyfit and are very happy with it so far.
  • We have the Chicco Keyfit and love it! I'd definitely recommend it!
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  • We got the Graco Snugride because it was the cheapest one, basically. All car seats have to meet the same standards and she won't be in an infant seat for that long, so that was our rationale for not getting a more expensive one. It's been fine so far.
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  • Britax Chaperone

    I love it but it is huge so you need a big car (I have a Nissan Quest and it barely fits) and it is heavy. But its super comfy for her and has great safety reviews. It was also very easy to install. I have the travel system so it

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  • I have the Britax B Safe and the B Agile travel system. The carrier is a bit heavy, but I don't know how it compares to other carriers. I love how easy it snaps into place in both the car seat base and the stroller.  

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  • britax agile love it!!
  • Thanks for all the suggestions, ladies!

    We have a Dodge Minivan, so space isn't an issue but is really like something that's as light as possible.

    I'll continue to look into it but I really appreciate all of your opinions!
  • My Chicco Key Fit is on its 3rd girl now and we like it. We have a mini van so space isn't a big deal for us either. We like being able to tote DD around while she's small in the carrier.
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  • If you thought the Snug Ride was heavy I wouldn't go with a Keyfit as those weigh even more. We have the SR 30 and love it. I wouldn't do the 35 but the SR 22 or 30 are my suggestions. (The SR35 weighs more than the keyfit 30 but the SR 22 and 30 weigh le

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  • Chicco Keyfit and love it!
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  • We had a snugride with my older two and they both hated it (screamed nonstop in it). We got a chicco keyfit this time and DS sleeps happily in it. While it could just be different personalities (he's a much calmer baby than either of his sisters) I think
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  • We have the graco snugride 30 knowing that both of our families have big babies, we wanted something that would last more than a few months. The one we got came with a stroller that it clips into veer easily, the dynamo lite lx.
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