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XP babywearing question

I have a Baby K'Tan and a 3 day old. He is 6 pounds 2 ounces... He was 6 9 at birth.

Anyway the baby ktan says 8 pounds and over. Do I have to wait until he is 8 pounds? Is that just the recommendation? Sorry if that's a dumb question I just want use this when I can. Thanks!
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Re: XP babywearing question

  • My carrier has the same weight restrictions. You should probably follow it just to be on the safe side!


  • I've heard that all carriers say that for legal reasons... but that it's probably safe to use them at lower weights, as long as you make sure LO's airway is clear and he's positioned nice and high in the carrier (which you would do anyway, regardless o

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  • I'd wait, to be safe!
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  • I have a moby and online it says 8 lbs and over, but the tag on the moby itself says 5-35 lbs. I used it with my DD when she was 6 lbs and it worked fine. I think its a legality for them to say 8 lbs and over, but I know plenty of people who use them with
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  • I have a preemie and I used the ktan for a few hours when she was right around 6 lbs. She was ok, but I was nervous the whole time she wasn't getting enough air. She did slide down and ball herself up. I have not really used it since and she is around 7 l
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