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wishing for more symptoms.

i'm constipated, nipples a bit sensitive, very tired by the end of the day have experienced very mild cramps on off, but... i'd love to experience more significant symptoms. i'm sure those of you experiencing m/s are thinking i'm crazy, but even a little nausea might calm my nerves.

i woke up this morning feeling the least pregnant i've felt yet. it's pretty unnerving. ultrasound is 10 days away, or 240 hours, but who's counting : it can't come soon enough. anyone else experiencing this?

Re: wishing for more symptoms.

  • I'd gladly give you my nausea. Hang in there hon, your appointment will be here before you know it. Hugs!

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  • Your betas look great.  By that point some women severe symptoms, and others never notice.  Try not to worry!
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  • With my first pregnancy, other than a little fatgue, I seriously had zero symptoms.  No sore boobs, no m/s, no bloating.  Try not to stress it, you betas look good and 10 days will come soon!  Thats actually a pretty early u/s!



  • Congratulations!

    I am nervous and upset because of constant cramping. I am wondering regardless of symptoms or no symptoms if new moms are going to be anxious. I can't wait to see the doctor to ease my nerves. 

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    thank you so much for the encouragement! sometimes all you need is a little reassurance (i keep trying to explain this to DH Smile).

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