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Here goes nothing...

Today I decided to cut the bottles cold 18 mo old was getting one at nap n one at bed.... He did ok with it taking about 20 minutes to fall asleep bth times without it but he has had no milk today as he won't drink it from a sippy...we have every kind imagineable and he spits it out n throws it at me, any suggestions?

Re: Here goes nothing...

  • I wouldn't worry yet.  I am always being told - if baby is hungry, baby will eat.  If baby is thirsty, baby will drink.  Did you try giving baby any other form of liquids like water or juice?  
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  • Peer pressure.  Do you know any moms of slightly older kids (or the same age) who use sippy cups, and could you have your kid hang out with them?  Watching what other kids do and wanting to do the same starts to get big for a lot of kids arou

  • He will drink water from cups no problem... It's the milk he won't.. He had water all day but no milk he just throws the cup unless its water...
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