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Newborn Pictures - WWYD

We were planning to have newborn pictures of the twins taken and assumed they'd be born at full term.  Since they were really early and are in the NICU, I'm not sure what to do.  I don't know if the NICU would allow a professional photographer to come in and take pictures, so I'd have to ask, but I also don't know if we should just wait until they come home. 

We are taking pictures and videos so we will have those, professional pictures obviously look nicer than what I could take.  So WWYD??

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Re: Newborn Pictures - WWYD

  • My boys were late term preemies and did not do NICU time, but we waited until their gestational age was 39 weeks. That was 3 weeks, actual age. Because of their IUGR, they were so small and fragile. I wasn't really comfortable with anyone else touching th
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    My friends with micro preemie twins did 2 photo shoots, 1 in the NICU and 1 after they were home. The NICU one was done by a friend though so it wasn't super professional but better than their own pics and still free. They waited for the NICU session unti
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  • You will probably have to do some kind of ad hoc NICU shots.  Unfortunately the cute, curled up photos are only good for a few days after birth.  No matter what - just document them.  You'll be glad you did.  You can still get some

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  • i would definitely ask what they can do. it seems like most will allow photographs but not video. i'd want pictures, so i hope you can get some done!
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  • It wouldn't hurt to ask!
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  • Check out They offer free photography services to babies in the NICU. We had them photograph our babies in the NICU and then had someone photograph them when they all got home. They were a great organization to work with!
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  • We're having newborn photos taken by the photographer who did my maternity ones. I asked her what we should do if they came several weeks early and had a NICU stay, and she said we would wait until they're home, so closer to their actual EDD.
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    Unfortunately the cute, curled up photos are only good for a few days after birth.   

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  • My husband just took pictures in the NICU and then we had the actual pictures taken after they were both released. They will still act like newborns when they are released because that is what they are.  Also, I am assuming with them being so early t
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  • We waited for the pro pics after they came home from the NICU. They were 3.5 weeks and still just slept and contorted in whatever way she wanted them to.
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  • I would take my own in the NiCU and get a professional for home. My hospital sent a photographer around who did an awesome job. Then I waited a few months because in the beginning they need to fill out.
  • If I was in your shoes, I would do both. They are both monumental events in your life. Celebrate their birth and celebrate them coming home.
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    If I was in your shoes, I would do both. They are both monumental events in your life. Celebrate their birth and cel
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