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refuses to sleep in flat

My 8 week old absolutely refuses to sleep flat. He will only sleep in a swing, car seat or being held in someones arms. I know he doesnt mind laying flat as we have play time several times throughout the day and that doesn't bother him. I've been sleeping on the couch since we came home from the hospital because the swing doesn't fit in our bedroom. When I lay him down to sleep in crib or bassinet he wakes up in 20 minutes. Any suggestions or advice?!

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  • Roll some blankets and put them under the mattress to create an incline in the crib.
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  • The rock n play would be good for this.
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  • This could possibly be an acid reflux issue? If he is laying flat it could be causing some acid coming up and causing pain?
  • His 8 week well visit is next week and we are definetly going to as about acid reflux. What confuses me is that he will play in his crib for 3040 minutes per day. When it comes to sleeping, he always wakes up screaming within minutes.
  • We had the same issue and the rock n play worked for us. Good Luck!
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  • Have you tried swaddling? I highly recommend Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp. It has some great ideas for calming babies. You can read the book or watch the DVD. You can get it on iTunes or buy it used on eBay.
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  • DS sleeps in the rock n's been a lifesaver.
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  • It's not uncommon for babies not to like to sleep flat due to the shape of their spines/hips.  It's just not a natural position for them.  That's why so many babies sleep better while on their stomach. They outgrow it.

    I too would recom

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  • I agree to consider if he's having reflux problems, seems like babies that have that issue like to be propped.  I would not stick things under the mattress, especially if you're swaddling.  It makes it much easier for them to roll over and that
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  • My DS wouldn't sleep flat either for the longest time...if I laid him down in his pack n play bassinet he would wake up immediately and scream- even if he had been soundly asleep, even if he was swaddled tightly, we started using the rock n pl

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