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Preggo w/ fertility treatments?

I am finally preggo w/ twins after years of struggling with infertility. We used embryo donors with an FET cycle, which was successful.

I've been hesitant to talk about preggo symptoms with anyone, because I'm afraid they'll have the attitude of "you went to all this trouble to get preggo and you're complaining??" We'll, I thought i was safe to open up to my mom. I told her I thought it was funny that another preg woman said being preggo is like being hungover everyday in the 1st tri. And one of my books mentioned that frat boys have nothing on pregnant women when it comes to gas. I was totally just making small talk, not complaining.

She replied "we'll, this is what you wanted." When I got a little upset with her, she told me not to read too much into it.

If you're preggo through fertility treatments, how did you handle comments like that? I feel like just closing off all convo when people ask "how are you feeling?" at this point.

I just think it's a bit biased that we've spent bundles of money to grow our family, while women who are blessed enough to conceive w/o help have the "okay" to share 1st tri woes freely w/o judgment.

Sorry for the rant. Just looking for support....

Re: Preggo w/ fertility treatments?

  • I think every woman has the right to comment on what an odd thing pregnancy really is.  When I was pregnant with my twins, EVERYsingle morning I woke up, farted, peed, took a shower, blowed my nose and threw up.  It was like living in groundh

  • I think I would reply to those that have a response like your mom and say, yes, a baby or two is what I wanted but it doesn't mean that I can't complain about the symptoms like any other pregnant woman.

    You didn't do all of those treatments
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  • I am truly sorry you are going through that. I don't believe it matters how you get pregnant or if you're having one or many, if you are experiencing symptoms or just have questions you should be able to open up to those you feel close to and not worry ab
  • I did not go through fertility treatments but IMO you are no more pregnant than I am. We are experiencing/experienced the same symptoms, will go through the same tri's, may have the same questions, and will eventually deliver beautiful LOs. You may hav


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  • people say that to me and most do NOT know that my DH and I tried for almost a year and we had an appointment scheduled to have his swimmers checked. 

    So, to them... I likely started trying right around my second wedding anniversary, got pre

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  • image gault530:
    I think I would reply to those that have a response like your mom and say, yes, a baby or two is what I wanted but i
  • Thank you all for your support! I've tried pretty hard to keep the whining to my DH. Luckily I have one week left in the first tri, but I'm sure w/ twins there will be more times when I'm uncomfortable and want to talk about it I've waited a long time to
  • Bummer about your friend. I always worried about that, can't win with multiples. If you didn't go thru IF you'll be interrogated by people convinced you did, and if you did, everyone's all 'Oh, that explains it.' ::initiate throat punch::
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  • I agree with previous posts, you have a right just like every other pg woman. My sister once told me I wasn't allowed to complain and I told her I had more of a right to complain because it took me nearly 8 years to get pregnant. I suffered more than my s
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  • I had two early losses before the twins so a little different, but I always said I was thankful to be pregnant but the twins thing was kicking my butt. It seemed to help with not totally complaining, though I guess most of the people I would talk to would
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  • When people have responded to me in that way, I agree. But then I say something like, "You're right. I am thrilled to be pregnant. I just wish I could eat something besides Saltines right now." I have found that with this pregnancy people have been a lot
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  • When someone is not pregnant and cannot relate it is unfortunate what may come out of their mouth. Sounds like your mom and my mom are similar.

    Either say nothing or preface it by "I am so glad to be pregnant but wow it is tough because of x
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