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lumps on neck

Has anyones LO had little lumps on the back of their neck? I found a few little pea size lumps yesterday and almost had a panic attack. Called ped and they said it is probably just lymph nodes and they dont feel its necessary for me to bring him in before his 8 week well visit next week. Anyone else had his happen? Im a new mom and there is nothing scarier than finding lumps on my LO. thanx!

Re: lumps on neck

  • My LO has lumps on his neck too. I found one below his ears. I haven't gotten the chance to ask my doctor yet but I'm curious as well is this normal?
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  • Don't worry they are lymph nodes. When I felt them on DD#1, I remember freaking out thinking they were tumors, but the Dr. said they are totally normal!  
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  • I also found 2 about a week ago and was told they were lymph nodes also. My LO is 8 weeks
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  • Yes! My 2 yo DD has them and has since she was a newborn. I've been told they're lymph nodes too but I didn't believe 100 until I looked into it and did research on my own. DD's are 3 or 4 chickpea sized bumps underneath her ear and they even move if I pu
  • Yes!  DD has them and DS had them too!
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