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He just wants to sleep.

It's been over 4 hours this time. Usually he's wanting to feed every 2 hours or less.

He's done this before... makes the motions, but won't take the bottle. I've changed him, stripped him down, rubbed and tapped his hands and feet. Even tried rubbing him down with a cool damp rag. He reacts and jerks away, but won't actually wake. He's only 2 1/2 weeks, so I don't want him going too long between feedings.

Re: He just wants to sleep.

  • He's regained his birth weight and then some. I was able to get him to eat right after posting. Then he woke himself up less than 2 hours later.
  • Both my kids have been like this (DS was like that for almost the first full months).  Our pedi said just let them sleep at night and try to wake them every few hours during the day.
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    Don't worry. Sleeping is a good thing.

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  • My 3 week old slept for a 6 hour stretch at night. I took it as a blessing. What is the saying, let sleeping dogs lie? I believe it applies to babies too! 
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    Unless he's having trouble regaining his birth weight or the doctor has told you he needs to be woken up to eat, it'
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