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Baby number 2 on the way!

just found out today. feeling a little anxious. not sure why.

Re: Baby number 2 on the way!

  • Congrats on 2!
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  • Congratulations!

    I'm expecting no. 2 as well, and although we planned for this one I still worry about how our first will react to a new baby, and how I'm going to balance it all... Maybe you're experiencing some of those same anxieties whic
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  • Congrats! I'm expecting 2 as well and again, even though it is a planned pregnancy I am very nervous. DS is very active and definitely a Momma's boy. How is he going to handle not being the only child anymore and how am I going to handle the need of 2 of
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  • Congratulations.  Sorry to hear it is bringing your anxiety.  What is your EDD?  Take a deep breath and be thankful for your LO :)
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  • Congrats! 2 for me too yay!

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  • Welcome and congrats!
  • Congrats & Welcome 
  • We just found out were expecting 2 as well, a bit nervous too, our first is 2.5 now, I hope I can make it lol
  • Congrats, welcome!
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  • This is my first but I'm very anxious as well!  Congrats and welcome.


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