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If you have City Mini or GT

Do you also have a lighter weight umbrella stroller?

I'm debating between regular City Mini vs the GT.  I like how the GT handles and the extra features, but not loving the extra 5lb in weight.  I got to try them out today and the GT is just too heavy for me to be lifting in/out of the trunk (and I'm only 5'2").

I will be using the stroller mostly for walks in the neighborhood (nearby bike path; part of it is unpaved), so I feel the GT will fit my needs better.  But given how heavy it is, I'm thinking maybe I can just get a cheap lightweight umbrella stroller if we go somewhere in the car?

OTOH, if I get just the City Mini, I suppose I can just use that for everything as it's easier to lift out of the car...

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Re: If you have City Mini or GT

  • I have the City Micro (which is actually a tad heavier than the Mini) and I use it as my lightweight stroller. I'm almost 6 feet tall, though, and I settled on this as my everywhere stroller because I couldn't find an umbrella/lightweight that wasn't mise
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  • I think getting a lightweight umbrella stroller is overkill with a city mini.  The GT wheels are great, BUT I use my city mini double for everything, even unpaved bike paths and never ever felt like it was difficult to use.
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  • I have a GT and I'm 5'1". I lug it up and down 5 tallish, irregular steps from our front door to our sidewalk every day, sometimes as many as 3 times a day. I can do it folded, or opened up. It gets easier once you practice a few times and figure out h

  • We have the City Mini and it's our only stroller. I love it, DS seems to think it's comfortable, and it's easy to carry, fold, etc. It's been great at the mall and the airport, where we recline it flat and pull the canopy down so DS can nap. We use it exc
  • Out GT was bought to replace an umbrella stroller. Darn thing would only fit in the trunk of my car at an angle so it took up masses of room in the car and I couldn't put the dog in...to use it and take the dog it was wedged between the two car seats in t
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  • I have the City Mini GT and purchased it as my sole stroller. 6 months later I caved and bought a Chicco Liteway. I think I have the perfect combination of strollers now.
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  • I have a city mini and a Maclaren Quest. I use the city mini as my primary stroller. I do think they both serve different purposes but the city mini could be used as an only stroller. I've taken the city mini to Disney in December and a cruise to Bermuda
  • We have the city mini and then a snap and go stroller for the car seat for quick trips
  • We have a City Mini and an umbrella stroller. I never use the umbrella, always the City Mini. The Mini would be fine for a bike bath that is partially paved/unpaved. We use ours for everything, including grass, gravel, etc.

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  • Our LO hasn't arrived yet, but we went with a GT and ordered an Inglesina Swift.  Didn't want to spend too much on the umbrella and the Swift looked like a good value.  Figure we use the GT for most of our strolling and the Swift when we will be
  • We have a city mini and an umbrella stroller. We always use the city mini if the pavement is rough, lots of sun, or we need a stroller with more storage. If it's a quick trip in the shade, we're more likely to pull out the umbrella. It was less than $10 o
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  • We have a GT, it's our only stroller. I have never found the weight or size to be cumbersome. Honestly I was pretty surprised by how many people own multiple strollers. I don't really see the need for more then one. We have taken on 8 to 10 plane rides a
  • Right now I have the GT along with the chicco click n go. I do plan on getting a nice lightweight stroller to use for quick trips. 
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