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Who's here? Easter weekend edition

DH is working... Again. No Easter egg hunt for us this year : anybody else not have any Easter plans?

Re: Who's here? Easter weekend edition

  • I'm here! We are celebrating Easter tomorrow with my family, so today we are just hanging out. I'm irritated because I told DH to listen for Nat and so what does he do? Pokes me and tells me that she's awake and to go get her. Um, thanks! That is suppo

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  • I'm grumpy too. DH woke up daisy on purpose before he left for work so he could snuggle her for 5 min. She just barely went down for her first nap of the day, needless to say I'm pretty pissed off about it.
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  • I'm here. We just got back from our weekly grocery run. Now I have to put it all away, yuck. We do have Easter plans tomorrow. So, I've got to make a cake while Ian's napping, though I'd really rather take a nap too!

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  • I'm here too. DH went to play paintball and Allison is in hour three of a marathon nap. But no big plans this weekend. Church then brunch tomorrow. That's about it.
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  • I'm here.  We are doing brunch with family tomorrow and we'll do a mini Easter egg hunt with Addy at home tomorrow, but that's about it.  Just tried to take Addy outside to do bubbles (her new favorite thing) and it started raining as soon as we


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  • We did baskets this morning and the kids ate candy ALL morning long.  So funny but DS was really only about the sweet tart jelly beans.  We are just hanging out today otherwise.  DH is going to work on finishing up building a play structure
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