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XP Hearing Test

Both of my boys passed the newborn hearing screen in the hospital.  Twin A failed the first time but passed before he came home.  At their last doctors appointment, the doctor asked if they were responding to loud noises (milestone).  Twin A does, twin B could care less. We have tried clapping, dropping something and the house alarm went off the other day with no luck.  

Does this sound normal? When we talk/sing he looks at us.

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Re: XP Hearing Test

  • for us twin B had to have his hearing test repeated several times before he passed in the hospital.  in the first month or so twin A would sleep through any loud noises. twin B does not like loud noises and still doesn't.  they are both pretty e
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  • If you're concerned you can go to an audiologist for a more in depth evaluation. The test at the hospital is only a screening and it doesn't tell you much. The evaluation that the audiologist does is not invasive and most insurances will cover it. It soun
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  • Thanks ladies
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