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Does anyone feel very bloated? This is my first pregnancy and I feel so bloated! Also, what about sharp back pains? My husband and I were ttc for 9 months so I'm beyond excited, even with these joyful symptoms :

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  • First off, congratulations!  Bloated is definitely how I've been feeling.  That, and gassy.

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  • I just posted about this on the 1st tri board last night. My dr told me during my first pregnancy to not gulp the 8 8 oz glasses if water as much as we want to because the little bean makes us so thirsty. It worked for me as I didn't show the slightest be
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    First off, congratulations! nbsp;Bloated is definitely how I've been feeling. nbsp;That, and gassy.Welcome to the board!nb
  • Yes! I was so bloated a few days ago it even hurt to yawn or breath deep! And heart burn too. My whole GI tract came to a screeching halt about a week ago. Eating small meals seems to help. For me, it seems to be much worse as the day goes on. By dinner,

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  • I have also been very bloated!  I'm not even 5 weeks but I definitely feel pregnant although this is my first.  I am very thirsty and have to visit the bathroom frequently.  My breasts are also a bit tender and I'm constipated (sorry for TM
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