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Growth spurts are exhausting!

We were so excited that our babies started sleeping 4 hours at a time at night and now we have hit the 6 week growth spurt and they are up every 2 hours again. Oh my goodness so much formula, I am exhausted like I was the first 2 weeks and they are so fussy if they aren't being fed right away. Any tips on bottle feeding 2 at the same time so they aren't screaming?!
Also, how long did your growth spurts last? We are going on day 4 and with my SO working nights it's just me and I am dying for them to get back to 4 hours in between feedings. Ughhh how do such little things eat so much?! Haha.

Re: Growth spurts are exhausting!

  • A lot of people put twins in boppies and feed simultaneously...we still have to feed our girls on the side, since they still choke and aren't great bottle feeders even now, but if you don't have that issue, tandem feeding in boppies or something like that
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