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Anyone have luck with injectable IUI and mild endo?

DH and I had a consultation with an RE this morning and we don't know what to do.  We're at the end of a seven year quest to have a child and we have agreed that IVF is off the table, but we're considering doing IUI with injectables.  We are 100% out of pocket and up to this point have tried clomid and several "natural" things as well as having a lap surgery. I have mild endo, stage one or two... and nothing else is wrong with either of us. I'm about to turn 34. I know you can't tell me what to do, but if you could that would make life easier! Ha!

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone here got PG doing injectable IUI?  It seems I see so many failed cycles and it's scary to spend so much on something with such a slim chance of working. Thanks.


Re: Anyone have luck with injectable IUI and mild endo?

  • I have not done IUI with injectables, but have done IUI with Clomid and got pregnant.  I have endo and am about to have my 3rd lap done on Friday.  My husband also has MFI.  

    I would say definitely go for the IUI!  You may not

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  • I got preggo with DS by using clomid, injectibles, trigger shot and IUI number 3. GL!!!
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  • You say "slim chance of working". For some, IUI has a very good chance of working. Honestly, after 7 years, I can't see why you wouldn't at least try it. KWIM?
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