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D&C/ retained placenta

I had my son about 6 weeks ago and a week ago we found out i  had a retained placenta and hemorrhaged and had to go to the ER. I had to get a D&C to fix the issue. They said due to the scarring I may not be able to get pregnant again. Had anyone had this happen to them? Were you able to get pregnant again?

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  • I have no advice, but I wish the best for you! That sounds terrifying.

    I'm genuinely curious, how did your provider not realize that all the placenta was not out? 

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    By retained placenta, you can get almost the entire thing out, have it look great on the table, appear intactbut a small piece may still be in the uterus. Not entirely common but not completely unusual. At times your body can just take care of it. Sometim
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  • I'm so sorry you had to go through that.  My bff had the same thing happen 2 weeks PP and I know it was a painful and scary experience for her.  She was not told she could have trouble having another baby. 
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  • My sister had that happen.  Hers was a 2mm peice if placenta left and she also had surgery and a blood transfusion.  She can't get pregnant again due to some syndrome caused by the surgery.  She never had another period, too much scar ti

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  • I had an infection from retained placenta after my first child. I didn't have much trouble getting pregnant with my 2nd ( I did with my 3rd but that was for other reasons).
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  • YES.  I hemorrhaged twice (3 AND 4 weeks pp - I can't believe that I didn't pass out from all of that blood loss) due to retained placenta.  I will be giving birth to my DS any day now.  Had NO problems getting pregnant.  
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  • I have taken care of toooooons of women who became pregnant after a D&C procedure. It may cause some scarring in the uterus, but I would not worry or borrow trouble at this point
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