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Real fatigue or all in my head?

Seems a little early for the exhaustion to hit, I won't be 5 weeks until Monday. But my last few workouts have been so hard. I get tired so easily but I wonder if its all in my head? I feel like I might be using it as an excuse. I was super tired in the first trimester with my past pregnancies but I don't think this early? Going to take tomorrow off at least

Re: Real fatigue or all in my head?

  • Definitely not too early. I won't be 5 weeks until next Thursday and I can barely clean my entire house without feeling like I need to take a nap.
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  • I'm exhausted, you're not alone. It's definitely not in my head.  But for me, almost as soon as I got my ++ I started having sleep issues (my sleep is sensitive to hormones) so I think a lot of my exhaustion is coming from the lack of sleep and wakin
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  • Not too early! That was one of my first symptoms.
  • Not too early at all! 
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  • I don't think it's too early.  After I take the dog for a walk I'm zonked!
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  • My husband and I lost our first, and the week before I got a positive I would wake up in the middle of the night.  This time I couldn't get to sleep the week before testing.  So I kinda thought we may be expecting again.  I wasn't at all ti
  • I will be 5 weeks Monday, as well! I have been completely exhausted this past week!
  • I've been exhausted the past week can't make it through a workout after a day's work and it really hits me around 5 or 6pm. I'm pretty sure I felt it this early with my first too, but I didn't know it was pregnancyrelated!
  • Same here! The only symptom I have is extreme exhaustion. I know it's still super early so I'm not sure if its something else or if this pregnancy is already kicking my butt this early!
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  • Not too early! I've been going to bed really early the last few days....can barely keep my eyes open. I don't think it's in your head :)
  • I was exhausted  at the beginning of 4 weeks and its continued since then.  It's definitely a possibility!


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  • Not sure if it's the lack of caffeine or pregnancy but the last 5 days I've been exhausted.
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