*~*gault530*~* YGPM — The Bump

*~*gault530*~* YGPM

That's all :-)
Natural m/c Oct. 2005

Dx: balanced translocation and LPD

TTC since Oct 2011

BPF 02/19/12, EDD 10/31/12, natural m/c 02/28/12 (4w6d)

IVF (BCPs starting 10/30/12, ER 11/18/12, 5dt of 1 beautiful, healthy embryo 11/23/12)
BFP 12/02/12, u/s @ 6w,5d showed 2 HBs! Identical twins!!
Bed rest from 21w-35w due to short cervix, hospital bed rest from 23w-32w due to PTL
Our rainbows were born 07/19/13 (36w, 5d)

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