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XP nap help?

My girls are ALMOST 6 months old actual, 4 mo adjusted. They are rock stars STTN a new skill. However this week their naps are a MESS. 40 minutes when they used to be 1.5 hours. I realize I'm in a transition period, but everything I try doesn't seem to make them nap longer. Here's our day as it stands now:

6:30/7 wake and feed
9:30 to 10:45 struggle to keep 3 babies resting or asleep
11:00 feed
11:40 play
1:oo nap
Struggling to keep everyone asleep again
3:00 feed
56 nap
7bedtime routine includes final bottle

Each bottle contains 66.5 oz of EBM. TODAY I tried switching playtime and feeding so nap is right after a bottleno better results yet. Am I expecting too much? I thought sleep things were based on adjusted age for preemies. At "4" months they should be sleeping more than 30 minutes at a time, right?

FWIW, I live in a modest home. All 3 girls share a room. If they are hysterical, I take them out into the living room because 1 hysterical baby in a RnP is better than 3 hysterical babies in cribs. I have a white noise machine in their room. I've read HSHHC, and Mothering Multiples. ANY advice, input, opinions are welcome. I'm at a loss. Ohand that third nap is still needed. I'm seeing no signs of being ready to drop it, and all 3 get terrible cranky around 5 if I skip it and try to move bedtime up I get Screamfest.
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Re: XP nap help?

  • I don't remember our naps, but we didn't drop 3rd nap until almost 9mo.

    There is a 4mo wakeful period so it could be that. Or it could just be a phase. When someone wakes early I use that as cuddle time until the other wakes up. Sometimes I can

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  • I had a similar schedule but my feeding times are adjusted.

    7 feed, digest play till 9:30

    nap till 11 to 11:30

    12 feed, digest, play

    1:30 to 2 put down for nap

    3 to 3:45 they get up

    4 pm feed


    6 t

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  • Yeah, my ladies are going to have to share a room until I can trust them not to get up in the middle of the night...we have 4 bedrooms. 3 are upstairs, one is downstairs which will be great when they're older, but for now it's tight quarters. I posted on
    4/13/12--1st u/s. IDENTICAL TRIPLETS (?!?) PAIF and SAIF welcome Lilypie First Birthday tickers
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