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I'm afraid our twins wont remember him.

My husband abou to be deployed and I'm afraid our twins won't remember him. He spends alot of time with them.  I have him bottle feed them as much as possible.  What should I have him do to help them remember him.  They will be a month old when he is deployed. 

Re: I'm afraid our twins wont remember him.

  • Honestly, at this age, they won't remember him.  However, there are things you can both do so he is familiar to them when he returns.  There are a ton of recordable books out there.  We have several my H has recorded for our kids.  

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    I can't say how much this is helping since DH isn't home yet, but I made a board book with pictures of him doing everything he normally does (goes to work, lifts weights, reads, etc.) and lots of pictures of DD and DH together. I try to read that every

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  • My Dh left when our DS was about 9 wks old. We skyped which helped a lot and I got him a daddy doll. At that age though they honestly dont associate the length of time they are gone. My DS went strait to daddy with no issues when he got home and went righ

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  • They won't remember him, sadly.  My son was 6 months when my DH deployed and despite a great relationship when he left they had to totally reconnect when DH returned 7 months later. It was MUCH harder on my husband than on my son. 


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  • I concur it may be too early for your twins to remember, but there are many ways to help them associate as they get older. A crib mobile with his face on it, phone calls (on speakerphone), digital photo frames around the house, etc. can help. Our DD is 7
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  • All of this is great advice, plus when he comes home, remember that it is ok for him to do things differently. Let him find his own way with them and try not to jump in or correct all the time. Just support him in building his bond with them. Don't swe


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