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Ugg- the comments!

So my best friend from childhood keeps making these annoying comments about how her singleton baby is like taking care of two babies because she is fussy/difficult. Yes, her baby was a premie (mine were born at almost 38 weeks), but I have TWO and it really bothers me that she keeps making these comments. I have told her numerous times that no matter how fussy one baby is, when I am done changing one diaper, I am only 50% done (same with BFing and everything else for that matter). She continues to make these comments- just needed to vent! 

Also, yesterday I was walking around NYC for a few hours and got the following comments (and made a game out of it)

double trouble- 6 people said this

better you than me- 2 people said this 

do twins run in your family - 3 people said this 

one for each ear- 1 person  

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Re: Ugg- the comments!

  • I have a friend who is super competitive in all things child, it is really annoying. I'm not trying to prove how hard my life is, ya know? Sorry your friend is the same way!

    At least the ear one is a new one to me. I feel a little lonely when
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  • I had to laugh about the NYC.  I have been taking the train into NYC about once a week lately and the conversations I have in the city are the best.  Last week 13 different people came up to me to tell me they either have twins or are a twin.


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  • I had people orginally point out that twins would be an adjustment. Um... Iv never had a single child before I cant compare it. With that said Im sure your friend is not handeling the stress of one and wants you tell here it is hard or the reminder that y
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  • How about "you must have your hands full...". Love that one.

    god forbid one be in anything but pink.. "A boy and a girl?"  

    Twins are definitely mysterious to most people! 

  • mine aren't even born and people act like this.. and say those things to me. lol. i should keep a count too. i imagine that everyone will want to talk to them.


    what i think is even crazier is when you have their carseats covered and

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  • image Aimeemc10:

    How about "you must have your hands full...". Love that one.

    god forbid one be in anything but pink.. "A boy

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  • And when ppl feel entitled enough to touch them?!! Wtf. I have never in my life gone up to a complete stranger with a newborn or infant and tried to look under the cover or touch... covers why is it okay to do with twins!
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