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Amount your LO eats?

My girls are 15 months and I feel like i'm not feeding them enough solids still. I'm just curious what everyone else is giving there little ones at each meal and around how much they eat and drink?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Amount your LO eats?

  • DS eats whatever we're eating and, based on direction from the pediatrician and a good friend who is a nutritionist, we allow him to eat until he stops (that sounds ridiculous and like he would overeat but he starts to push food away when he's full). &

  • As a reference DD is not quite 14 months old and is really into feeding herself. The only foods so far that she hasn't particularly liked are apples, avocados and olives. She eats quite a bit - some meals nearly as much as I do. Her pedi says to let he

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