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HELLO favorite jeans!!!!!!!!!

So after less than 2 months on Weight Watchers....

- I am getting up happily at 5:30 AM and go to bed around 10 PM

- I am down 15 pounds

- I am currently wearing my favorite pair of Silver jeans.  From before I got pregnant that I have had for four years - I have so so so so so so missed these jeans!  I tried them on randomly - I was trying to figure out what to wear for Easter, and figured dresses from a couple years ago that did not get a ton of wear might fit again.  When I slid into a size 4 from Talbot's (be not deceived, their clothes are giant compared to other stores) I decided to try the jeans on.

I want to drop 5 more pounds.  Then I want to go shopping in my closet and get ready to wear all my cute clothes again.  SO excited.  Seriously, not exercising at all.  Eating tons, not hungry.  WW rocks.  GOOD Friday indeed!

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Re: HELLO favorite jeans!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh yay! Congrats! :) Great job!
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  • Yay! That's awesome!
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  • WooHoo!!!!!  congrats!

    And I'm a little (read: a lot) jealous of the 4 even if they do run big!

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  • Congrats! So excited to start on Monday! It worked before baby, know it will work after.
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  • Awesome!!!
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  • Congrats! Go you!!
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  • Woo hoo! Awesome!
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  • Awesome!!!!

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  • YAY!! Way to go!

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